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  • Welcome to my website, 

  • My name is Ryan DeNisco and I apologize I don't have THAT name as a website because someone already bought it when I first started comedy in 2010. I'm not bitter. Or am I? Just kidding. Not. Just don't send any traffic that way. 

  • I'm glad you're here at my website that I or one of my friends told ya to check out.

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Middletown, NY

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Troy, NY

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Goshen, NY

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Comedy Zone

Harrisburg, PA



Ryan DeNisco launched his stand up career in South Carolina immediately after receiving his Education degree from college. His ability to make friends and former students laugh,  kickstarted his hunger to perform. He's originally from a rural farming town in New York, and I hope when you read 'rural farming town' you imagine him carrying water from a hand cranked well or something along with two buckets tied to ropes one on either side, attached to a large piece of wood carried across his shoulders.  But honestly its just corn, cows and onions.


In 2010, he performed for the first time at a bar next to his college and a few months later, worked his way to the host/door man/DJ/seater at a new local comedy club. In 9 years time he has toured comedy clubs and casinos across the US and Canada, performing in over 35 states. He has worked with many network TV comics such as Chris Kattan, Tom Green, Anthony Jeselnik, and Ryan Stout. He was the runner up at the Satelittle competition of The World Series of Comedy in Sarasota, FL (2016).


Ryan's likeable quirkiness is addicting and a favorite among clubs all over the US. Nothing he does on stage should be taken too seriously; his smart aleck charm lets you know that right away.



Five Minute Set from
Charlotte, NC Comedy Zone
Excuse the background and  woman walking. This is a 5 minute set that I won Season 6 of Comedy Zone's Fight Night back in 2015. 
Distracted by the "Camera-Man" in Suffern, NY
A comic offered to video tape during my set. I thought he'd setup his phone on a tripod. Nope? He was crawling on the floor.
'Favorite heckle' at
The Anchor in Kingston, NY
A girl upfront threw me off with her answer. 
Drinking beer at Epic Comedy Hour in Huntsville, AL.
A couple walked in late to the show and handed me a local beer on stage. I didn't care for it. 









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